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Historical fortified monuments, fortress systems and fortified relicts are to be found in all central European regions. This unique cultural heritage, some of which under protection, stands for central European cities and regions' special identity and attractiveness.

Although the cultural heritage so splendid and unique it faces a common problem concerning inadequate maintenance and utilisation of cultural goods. Transnational cooperation can help the regions, in this very context, to capitalise on their cultural heritage for urban, cultural and social development, promote the tourism business and conceptually prepare tourism and monument protection related investment.

The FORTE CULTURA project aims to boost new quality into the particular segment of cultural heritage by promoting of the fortified heritage and knowledge exchange about the monuments' protection and their modern utilisation.

Forte Cultura - Objectives

     Rosenberg - Kronach         Fort Rivoli - Verona         Erfurt         Fort Monostor         Ljubljana Skyline including Ljubljana Castle taken by Shermozle

Partners representing different epochs and architecture of fortified heritage work together on solutions for better market implementation of fortified heritage as well as systemic regional policies stimulating the fortified heritage's potential within FORTE CULTURA. The general objective of the project is mobilisation of cultural heritage as a source of sustainable economic growth of cities and regions in central Europe, and the enhancement of their competitiveness, attractiveness and identity.

The project also intends to develop a new cultural route from the Baltic to the Adriatic Sea, called 'Forte Cultura', connecting cities and regions by their fortified heritage. The joint strategies on monument economy and management together with its tourism promotion as well as the investment initiation are to be developed.

 European Regional Development Fund

This project is implemented by the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme
co-financed by the ERDF.

 European Union

Forte Cultura Project Newsletter 1, 2013

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